About Us

Vietnam used to be the hub of Indochina’s art scene, with a golden generation of artists who created masterpieces that stood among the world’s most prominent. Despite the glamorous beginnings, the development of Vietnam’s contemporary arts, in contrast, is unfortunately incomparable, and stands on the sideline of Asia’s bustling movements.

The V art was conceptualized upon the need for a push for professional and mainstream support to assist young artists. Every year, out of over 200 graduates from the country’s major Arts universities, only about 5 make their marks at the international level.

Founded in September 2016, The V art focuses on selecting and developing talented, passionate artists in conjunction with national and international galleries, exhibitions, art fairs, competitions, exchanges, and collector presentations.

VietArt Today 2016 will be the first competition held by The V art with the hope of discovering talented artists and propel them to the professional art scene, allowing them to have the best environment and support, so that they can fully focus on their passion. They will have a chance to pursue their creative pathway, and will be given opportunities to step into the international art world.

With a long term vision and goal-oriented commitment, The V art will make this an annual competition that will increase in scale as it develops. All of these efforts work towards the desire to elevate Vietnam’s arts to the regional, as well as international level.